Thursday, May 17, 2018

Factoring Trinomials Battleship

As my students are just days away from finishing their Geometry credit, I am starting to panic about whether or not they are prepared to go on to Algebra 2 next year. Usually, students taking Geometry Part 1 and Part 2 (the slow pace Geometry option), go on to take a modified senior year math class called Math Models, but I have so many students that I wholeheartedly believe can handle the Algebra 2 curriculum, especially since they are determined to head to college after graduation. To make sure they are ready, we are hitting the essential Geometry skills hard so that they can get a big review of concepts before they head off to summer break, where they will surely forget most of it anyway. Ahhh summer vacation...

Factoring trinomials is a pretty big part of the quadratic functions unit, and to review today we played Battleship using an awesome layout that I found on TpT here!

I really enjoyed this activity and the amount of thought that went into planning the perfect trinomials so that the activity went smoothly. Each partner gets a unique list of trinomials but all the factored binomials on each list are the same. WOAH! Awesome!

Students choose a trinomial to factor and share their two binomials with their partner who marks them on their sheet. Before playing, students colored in their "ships" so that when they cross out the binomials they can see whether or not their ship was hit. 

Students were super motivated to factor their trinomials to see if it would be a hit on their partner's ships. A little friendly competition goes a long way, especially in May!

I have so many ideas how I could use this activity with other contents. My first idea is with rewriting linear equations in slope intercept form. Looking forward to finding more ways to adapt this! Any ideas coming to mind for you? Let me know! 

Also, how awesome is my whiteboard table? Still so obsessed with it. 

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