Saturday, August 5, 2017

Year Six: Basically Year One for the Sixth Time

This post is my first attempt to be part of something bigger. It's my first purposeful step toward increasing my involvement in the math education world outside of my small bubble in Boise. I have been so lucky (thanks Boise School District!) to have had the opportunity to attend some national conferences the past few years like WIDA, La Cosecha, AVID Summer Institute, etc. This exposure gave me a real taste for the COMMUNITY that can be found with math educators all over the nation. 

How can I recreate that feeling of involvement, camaraderie, and belonging while being some what isolated in Boise? THE INTERNET! 

There are so many teacher blogs that I relentlessly follow (stalk) and a few of these incredible teachers have joined up to do a weekly #sundayfunday blogging challenging. I am ready to join in, instead of just being a silent observer like I have been. Here we go!


This weeks topic is: GOALS

I have two major goals for this upcoming school year. I am leaving the junior high after 5 years of teaching Pre-Algebra there and moving to the high school to teach Integrated 2 (aka Geometry). New school. New content. New challenges. New reasons to have a daily panic attack... NO! Just kidding. My goal is to be flexible and not let the obstacles that I will surely face overwhelm me. Is it going to be hard? For sure. Will I feel like it's my first year teaching all over again? Probably. But I have survived that before!

My second goal has already been set in motion with this blog post! I want to...

Be Inspired.
Be Challenged. 

and...make friends. 

I want to do all of these things both in person with the teachers in my building and district, and well as through social media and online outlets like Twitter and blogging. There is a whole world of FREE personal development and growth opportunities that I am not fully taking advantage of. Well folks, I think it's about time to...


  1. Love this!! Blessings this year!

  2. I moved from HS to MS two years ago. The transition was surely made easier because of the collaboration with my online community. I hope you have a very successful "first" year!

  3. Meg! I'm so excited that you are a part of the MTBOS! I'm a five year strong lurker, but I am thinking about taking the blogging leap this year and being a part of it. It's also kinda like you and are switching places a bit this year...Int 2 has been my only consistent curriculum since being in BSD, but now it's onto Bridge! Anyway, enjoy and I will hopefully see you soon! Annie

  4. Meg! I'm so excited that you are in the mtbos! I have been a lurker for about five years strong now, but I'm thinking that I should start a blog to help track my thoughts throughout this year. It's kinda like you and I are switching places...Int 2 has been my only steady content since joining BSD and now I'm onto Bridge. Enjoy and I hope to see you soon! Annie

  5. Twitter has been one of the biggest impacts on my PD the past two years. Now I can't wait to introduce you to all my twitter friends!!! :)